Ask for More Jackson

For over twenty years, we’ve brought schools and communities together to improve public education in 
our city. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or community member, we believe everyone has something to offer to better the lives of our Jackson Public Schools children.

New Name, 
Years of Impact

It is with excitement that we announce 
our organization’s new name: 
Ask For More Jackson.

Ask For More is one of our oldest and most successful programs, empowering educators to support the wellbeing of each child through the student’s entire progression through school. Teachers and principals engage parents, students and community partners in the process, and that sense of shared responsibility radically improves how schools operate. All of our existing programs and relationships remain, and we look to the future to continue to meet the challenges that face the students, families, and educators in our public school district.


Our vision for Jackson’s children is embodied by the philosophy of Ubuntu “I am because we are.” No individual can succeed if someone in the village is left behind. Our village of Jacksonians 
is beautifully diverse in race, age, gender, opportunity, and ability.

Not every person invested in our mission is a parent; nor should they be. No matter who we are or where we come from, the trajectory of our community’s future runs through our public schools. We can do more. We deserve more. With unity and the children in mind, we will ask for more, and we will expect more, for their sake.


Lunch Bunch

A monthly gathering of JPS teachers, administrators, parents 
and community members coming together for honest, informative conversations about the future we envision for our children

Parents Leading and Learning Initiative

Informs parents about how school, district, and legislative 
choices influence how children are educated in the classroom

Ask for More Initiative

Engages educators to work to support the wellbeing of each and every student through their entire progression through school

Ask for More Arts

Connects teachers and partner schools with local artists 
to use art as a learning tool for all subject areas

E3 Internships: Engage, Enlighten, Employ

Provides paid internships for students with opportunities to develop their skills in collaboration, communication, problem solving, and leadership

Parents Teaming for Literary Success

Brings parents and teachers together to support individual 
literacy rates among first and second grade students