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From Life Shards to Cornerstones

In late August 2005, the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coasts experienced one of the worst natural disasters in history. Communities along the Mississippi Coast were completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina while the city of New Orleans suffered widespread devastation. Even in Jackson, Mississippi, which is approximately 180 miles inland, strong hurricane winds and tornadoes caused significant property damage, power outages that lasted for weeks, and significant stress to the infrastructure and supply systems in the city. Residents of the city of Jackson and many displaced families from the Mississippi and Louisiana Coasts who relocated to Central Mississippi needed recovery from the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. Many were working to rebuild their own lives. Many others were helping to rebuild the lives of friends and family who lost homes, jobs, schools, and their sense of place in the world after the hurricane.

Jackson Public Schools, the district in which the Ask for More Arts Collaborative works, enrolled 1100 displaced students. An additional 900 students enrolled in schools in the tri-county metropolitan area for which Jackson serves as the largest city and hub. Most were from Louisiana. In addition to the trauma of losing…
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