Ask For More Jackson

Ask for More Collaborative

Ask for More Collaborative
“I do firmly and wholeheartedly believe that change will come if we are continuously and consistently working together.” — PPSJ parent leader

A Vision of Success

Parents for Public Schools Jackson secured foundation funding for the pilot Ask For More program in the Lanier Feeder Pattern (LFP) group of schools. (Learn more about the feeder patterns in Jackson Public Schools.) Educators worked to support the well-being of each and every student through their entire progression through school. Teachers and principals engaged parents, students and community partners in the process, and that sense of shared responsibility radically improved how schools operate.

Once isolated as the lowest-performing public schools in Jackson, LFP schools saw drastic improvement in educational outcomes and the highest rise in graduation rate in all of Jackson Public Schools. Ask for More and the Lanier Feeder Pattern continue to work together to see that every child finds success from pre-kindergarten all the way through high school graduation.

PPSJ’s Ask for More program proves that all schools have the capacity for positive, lasting change.

As a result of Ask for More Collaborative

  • Schools build a culture of shared decision-making and responsibility.
  • Educators make decisions based on what’s best for all children.
  • Student voices are heard.
  • Principals receive leadership training and learn how to connect with community partners.
  • Teachers of all grade levels and schools participate in data-driven professional development.
  • Counselor support systems are aligned across schools and grade levels.
  • College Spirit Day is celebrated throughout the district.
  • Parents engage in Parent Leadership Training.