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“Together we work better. We all approach things differently, but it takes all of us to make the world go ‘round.” — Jackson Public Schools educator

Supporting Our Schools for Better Education

Parents for Public Schools Jackson exists to support, challenge, inspire, and partner with Jackson Public Schools. Through foundation, public, and community funding and demonstrating positive results, PPSJ creates innovative and collaborative programs within Jackson Public Schools that unite administrators, educators, parents and the community behind the effort to improve the education of our students.

Every School Is Valuable

Educators and administrators in Jackson Public Schools have access to a wealth of resources to provide inspiring programming and teacher training. We have everything we need to prepare our students for success through an inventive and engaging education.

Ask for More Arts

Ask for More Arts

Ask for More Arts teaches across curriculum by weaving the arts through all subject areas. PPSJ brings working artists into the classroom to complement traditional teaching. The work culminates in beautiful, engaging projects that inspire students and are displayed for the community.

Ask for More Collaborative

Ask for More Collaborative

Ask for More unites educators across schools in the Lanier Feeder Pattern to work together to value and support each and every child in the public school system. Through innovative professional development, PPSJ helps educators to teach in ways that are meaningful and effective for every student.