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Parents Learning and Leading Institute

Parents Learning and Leading Institute
“We as parents are a wealth of knowledge and ideas. With a cooperative movement we can work with teachers and administrators to help shape the minds of our future leaders.” — PLLI Graduate

Turning Knowledge into Action

The Parents Learning and Leading Institute (PLLI) teaches parents how school, district, and legislative choices impact the quality of education in their children’s classrooms. The goal of the initiative is to make parents act as change agents for a better education for all Jackson Public School Children.

Flexibility for Busy Parents

As schedules become more complicated and time becomes a precious commodity, PLLI is committed to providing parents with the flexibility to choose and map their individual paths for learning that will translate into greater parental engagement and parent-driven solutions for Jackson Public Schools.

The outline of PLLI training models below are meant to be flexible and can be deployed according to school context and need across the district. Once a parent has completed the training modules through the PLLI model they will be certified as a parent trainer.

  • Learning Styles Module - Parents will learn the types of learning styles, how to identify their own learning style, and how to determine their children’s learning styles. This knowledge will increase their ability to advocate for quality teaching for their children.
  • Parent Engagement Module - Parents will learn the importance of engagement on student achievement, as well as how effective parents can be along the continuum of engagement.
  • What Is My Education Story? Module - Parents will learn how to effectively communicate their story as a way to build trust with community members and school personnel.
  • Involving All Parents Module - Parents will learn to identify damaging stereotypes, and develop/cultivate appropriate relationships in spite of them.
  • Enhancing Effectiveness (How to Hold Effective Meetings) Module - Parents will learn the basic skills needed to hold an effective meeting.
  • Advocacy Module - Parents will learn advocacy strategies and identify community assets for advocating for students.
  • How Do I Gather Information? Module - Parents will learn how to interpret their child/children’s test data and how to advocate for services/interventions to improve achievement outcomes.

Here’s what PLLI Graduates have done

  • Parents joined together and advocated for Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS), an alternative to corporal punishment in Jackson Public Schools.
  • PLLI leaders shared their knowledge through learning sessions for parents, teachers and the community on topics relevant to public schools, such as Learning Styles, Advocacy, Transitioning to Middle Schools and Pathways to College.

To learn more about the Parents Learning and Leading Institute and parent engagement opportunities, please contact the PPSJ office at 601.969.6015.

Indianola Parent Leaders Program

The success of PPSJ in rallying parents to support public education led to our partnership with the Indianola Promise Community Early Education Collaborative (IPCEEC).

Since 2012, more than 50 Indianola parents have completed Parent Leadership Institute training and are working to engage others in their community to improve education for all children.