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Announcement of Our Name Change

Carolyn Jolivette

To all friends, family members, and advocates of the children of Jackson, Mississippi:

Previously, we’ve announced that we would be changing our name and separating from the the Parents for Public Schools national network. Our name and affiliation no longer fully captured the impact we work towards every day on behalf of our city’s children. It is with excitement that we announce our organization’s new name: Ask For More Jackson.

Ask For More is one of our oldest and most successful programs, empowering educators to support the wellbeing of each child through the student’s entire progression through school. Teachers and principals engage parents, students and community partners in the process, and that sense of shared responsibility radically improves how schools operate. All of our existing programs and relationships remain, and we look to the future to continue to meet the challenges that face the students, families, and educators in our public school district.

In addition to our name change, we have also given our logo a makeover. The logo icon depicts the dynamic movement of multi-colored shapes, each piece symbolizing the commitment of our diverse stakeholders to making innovative progress for our children.

Ask For More Jackson Logo

Our vision for Jackson’s children is embodied by the philosophy of Ubuntu “I am because we are.” No individual can succeed if someone in the village is left behind. Our village of Jacksonians is beautifully diverse in race, age, gender, opportunity, and ability.

Not every person invested in our mission is a parent; nor should they be. No matter who we are or where we come from, the trajectory of our community’s future runs through our public schools. We can do more. We deserve more. With unity and the children in mind, we will ask for more, and we will expect more, for their sake.