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Regarding the “Better Together” option for Jackson Public Schools

To all advocates of the Jackson Public School District,

Yesterday, Mayor Lumumba and Governor Bryant unveiled a “Better Together” plan, formed in concert with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, that attempts to reroute the possibility of potential state takeover of our district. Here is what we know about the details of this option, currently set in motion:

  • The entire JPS school board has resigned, though JPS still has local control of the district. Mayor Lumumba and the Jackson City Council will replenish the Board, starting as early as next week.
  • The City of Jackson, Bryant, and the Kellogg Foundation will create a commission of 15 members, with each party choosing 5 members. This commission will attempt to hire a contractor, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, to perform a year-long analysis of JPS in order to assess what it needs to succeed.
  • JPS will still work with the Mississippi Department of Education on completing the corrective action plan, and Dr. Freddrick Murray will remain superintendent.
  • MDE has been notified by Governor Bryant of this plan.

Ask for More Jackson’s priority is the complete wellness of every scholar in the Jackson Public School District, and we will continue to stay focused on our work empowering all stakeholders to support and improve public education in Jackson.

Now, more importantly than ever, we ask our community to recall our commitment to our children in the spirit of Ubuntu. Jackson Public Schools belongs to its citizens for the benefit of our children, and so it is imperative that we take ownership of its future. Go to every meeting you can: school board meetings, community chats, and calls for public commentary. Take every volunteer opportunity you can. Show up, and make your voice heard. It is the goal of Ask for More Jackson to be as helpful to all JPS advocates as well as we possibly can.